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"We, the People", i.e., global humanity, in no uncertain terms, and with no end except to it and its death-cult, shall hand virulent hierarchy over to its awakened "makers" for immediate 'trials for war crimes against humanity'.

We shall especially prepare the gallows for those who facilitate and manufacture human slavery/harvesting, institutionally facilitated and harbored pedophiles/rapists/murderers, facilitators, managers, and disseminators of human and nature-al misery, banality, extinction, poisoning, displacement, substitution, invasive "transformation", obsolescence, derision, and chaos – carried out by sociopathic managers, follower-sheep, enablers, psychopathic planners, prison [planet] guards, enforcers, SJWs, Soros' Antifa/BLM goons, CIA assassins, DOJ/FBI/Congressional/StateDept traitors, psycho-thugs, censors, spies, mediators, thought police, excusers, 'look the other way'ers, ideologizing professors, pharma-fascist doctors, edu-robots, techno-hacks, news-shills, adreno-addicts, film-facysts, culture clones, and any alien or otherly-worldly types who may exist as advisers, part or full time masters trading control or de-population technology for predatory 'feeding rites', enslavement, hunting sport, biochemical experimentation, and/or breeding.

Because we are not the fools you think we are — you being codependently foolish — but in entrering the 'end game' whose back-and-forth tradedowns ensure that we have lost, and yet, in losing everyTHING, we can win against those who can see ONLY things and their EXCHANGE- value (wherein we have mindset-suckled for centuries) and narcissistically-depreciated USE-value. We won 'the war against us' for you, most certainly.

By diseasing, blockading, starving, suffocating, and hanging you, we can still have the last (and everlasting) laugh.

Your demise will last so that your transgenerational death cult, and its only achievement – vileness – will perish with us, your Siamesed nemesis. There will be no self-regeneration, no reoccupation, no escape pod, no 'safe' underground cave system, no reincarnation for your unsatisfiable carniverousness. Our ghosts shall dance upon your forever-sealed graves. Your misconception of 'hell' will be your reward. It is your turn to 'live' in fear.

We are unforgiving, and, until and unless we are ALL gone (which joyfully destroys you) we are everywhere, watching and waiting, in the cold shadows which you have created, to slit your throats: "Drippy, droppy... trickle, puddle".

Your daze is, and your days are, numbered.


Crow is a point of anti-chaos in the war against 'the war of all against all'. As crows in a world owned entirely by a cult of religious psychopaths, it is time to re-define "murder".

Up to us, without being led into range for virulent hierarchy, the quest and application of intelligence, the courage & tenacity, and networked communication of crows ought guide us to a non-utopian life, as both individual and social animals.

Live free or die as "four and twenty black birds baked in a pie" for the lords of death.

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